Transformation Squad

Based on the insights and recommendations generated, our squads provoke and lead the necessary changes in the service journey, triggering the customer experience transformation in an agile manner.

With the action plan in hand, involving the right areas within the organization is fundamental to generating change.

  • Support in directing product reviews, offers, processes, policies, communication and training.


  • Mobilization of teams to create action and change.
  • Agile culture and mindset focused on improving the entire customer journey.



Action Tracker

Business Immersion to support implementing the recommendations generated in the customer journey. Focus on mobilizing service teams to perform in an agile and assertive manner.

Training Pack

Several training and development solutions to improve team performance. Unique interactions that take place using innovative methodologies to increase interest in learning.


Lectures and one-off training to leverage operations performance.

“Here at Cielo the customer experience is one of the most relevant pillars. We follow a series of indicators based on the customer’s voice. To generate evolution in the client’s journey, we turn insights into action, and Myra supports us by mobilizing the chain with training and the action tracker. We gain in results and agility. ”

Tatiana Natali, Head of Quality at Cielo
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