Performance Insights

The good old pointing quality monitoring gave way to a complete diagnosis of opportunities for the business. The focus is on processes, people, tools, products and offers. We add technology with human knowledge, to explore and transform data into analyses that impact the business.

The client is talking to you, or about you. What is done with this information is what makes all the difference.

With the right insight at the right time, deciding can be easy and the result show up.

  • Impact scenarios forecasting on customer satisfaction.

  • Conversion of detracting and neutral interactions.

  • Value proposition and offer improvement.
  • Sales, leads and conversion’s KPIs trends.

  • Improvement of attendance, resolution and call reduction indicators.

  • Greater effectiveness on the collection and retention fronts.

Customer interactions

Through a consultative analysis on the final client’s interactions with the brand, we generate inputs that reflect on the improvement of business KPIs and the consumer’s relationship with your company.

The Myra team works with a clinical eye on Customer Experience and is highly prepared to generate the best insights with the support of Analytics tools and human monitoring agents.

In addition to our recommendations, we generate dashboards, APPS and power BI reports so that the visibility of customer interactions and decision making is agile as it should be.

Spontaneous NPS

Solution that uses a great Big Data + Artificial Intelligence + Algorithms, to identify the internet user interactions’ spontaneity in social media, e-mails and chats, or even in customer service sites, thus generating a satisfaction note (s-NPS).

As a great differential, there is no need to send questions as in traditional NPS methods.

NPS declared

Consultative analysis based on feedback from clients who responded to the NPS in REAL TIME, mainly understanding the correlation between cause and effect.

“We’ve shared with Myra a daring goal in relation to the NPS. We consumed important insights, created change and celebrated the 13 percentage point increase in the indicator”.

Flavia Amorin, Customer Experience Coordinator at Serasa

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