Be a Mutant

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A gente ouve por inteiro.
Sem meias palavras.
Mergulha pra aprender extrair o essencial
experimenta e reinventa.

A gente não supõe.
A gente analisa: sinais, vozes, desejos.
Sim, a gente entende de gente.
De cultura, de vida e de mudanças.
Amplia a experiência
cria novas conversas
constrói um novo olhar
aprende pra resolver.
Só sabe fazer quem vai lá e faz.
O amanhã tá sendo dito hoje.
Você já parou pra ouvir?

Myra. Live to learn.

Myra is Mutant

When you decide to be Mutant, you decide to take a different step in your life and in your career. To be a Mutant is to accept to be part of a group with the courage to chart new paths and the ambition to go further every day.

We are not the fashion company – nor do we make a point of being. On the contrary, we do much more than we talk. And we prefer to do it as a group because here it’s with everyone and for everyone.

If you believe in your talent and can prove it, come be a Mutant.

 We’re waiting for you.

O que você encontra na Myra

  • Ambiente sem preconceitos
  • Estrutura horizontal
  • Modelo de trabalho ágil
  • Dress code livre
  • Programas de treinamento e desenvolvimento
  • Oportunidades de crescimento cross brands

To Be Myra

To be Myra is to know how to listen and be heard. It’s about taking care of one another and taking care of the client. It’s understanding that learning is the best part of the journey. And it’s always wanting to know more. It’s turning data into knowledge and with it changing the world!

That’s being Myra. Just come!

Revolution is made collectively.

Group companies:

Business Performance Company.

Business Performance Company. Head of the clan, specialized in business performance. From acquisition to win back journeys. End-to-end. Taylor made.

Powerful Connections.

Powerful Connections. Latin America's largest service solutions integrator, it focuses on implementing relationship platforms, ensuring solutions that simplify life in efficient omnichannel experiences.

Digital Growth Markers.

Digital Growth Markers. It combines data and technology to create, develop, operate and accelerate customer acquisition and conversion journeys in the digital environment. It is the only company in Latin America authorized to implement Google Analytics 360 and Optimize 360.

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